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Public Liability Insurance


Protection in case a third party takes you to court after an accident

What is Public Liability Insurance?

Public Liability Insurance provides protection for you in case a member of the public decides to sue you after an accident. And that can have resulted in damage to their property, an injury, or even death. Public Liability Insurance covers you for for any legal costs, as well as compensation if you need to pay it. Most policies ensure you are fully protected on your own premises, or even if you are working in someone else’s home or office.


What does Public Liability Insurance cover?

Accidents do happen. Should that be the case for a member of the public who is on your business premises, then that's what Public Liability insurance is for. It covers you for:

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If a claim is made against you, cover should be provided to help with the cost of any legal proceedings

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Compensation claims

For injuries to a third party or damage to their property, whether that occurs on your property, at theirs or anywhere else

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Medical bills

So, if the NHS chooses to make a claim against you, you’re covered for hospital treatment or an ambulance callout

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Repair costs

The cost of repairing damage. For example, if you’re an electrician and your work damages someone’s home

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How does Public Liability Insurance work?

If you interact with other people in your business, then Public Liability insurance makes sure you don’t have to worry about the extra costs you may incur if someone makes a legal claim against you. Let's be frank, there’s always a risk, that accidents may happen. For example, a customer could trip and fall on your premises, or you might accidentally damage something. With Public Liability Insurance, you’ll be covered for all legal expenses, including compensation claims, if someone decides to sue you.


We can arrange Public Liability Insurance for your business

We have many years of experience in arranging cover for our clients in Leeds and the surrounding areas. We can help you understand the level of cover you need through our simple process.

Step 1: Your business

We meet with you to understand your unique business and the risks it faces.

Step 2: Find your policy

We will take the information away and research the market to find the most suitable policy for you,

Step 3: You're covered

Once you have agreed, we put your policy in place and you can be confident you are covered.

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We’re here to help

We would be delighted to help you or your business with your insurance needs. Whether you need a specific product, or a full review of your current set up, just get in touch and we will come back to you quickly.

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