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What is Sports Insurance?

In sport, having insurance is crucial for protection from accidents and damages that can occur during sporting events. Therefore, it is essential to have a dedicated Sports Insurance plan that offers robust liability coverage for sports teams, leagues and other sporting events.

We have 50 years experience in providing Sports Insurance. We know that sports clubs and professionals have specific needs and we offer wide ranging cover and support including bespoke policy wordings. Whatever your sport, we have a solution to suit.

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Do you need Sports Insurance?

Sports activities carry inherent risks of accidents, injuries material damage and liability claims. Having Sports Insurance cover helps to mitigate these risks by offering financial protection, so you are not burdened with considerable expenses. We can arrange a policy that can provide benefits such as Personal Accident Cover, which can offer financial protection for athletes or sports personnel in case of injury or disability resulting from a sport-related incident.

Our cover can also provide protection for physical damage to your property or assets caused by unforeseen events such as fire, natural disasters, theft, or vandalism.

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What sports do we cover?

Within our sports department, we can provide a diverse range of sports insurance options for clients throughout the UK. Our cover extends to various sports, including, but not limited to, swimming, stand-up paddle boarding, badminton, hockey, roller skating, multi-sports, and cover for tennis clubs. Our expertise ensures that our clients have insurance solutions that cater to the unique risks associated with each sport.

Learn more about the types of cover for Sports Insurance

Personal Accident Cover is an essential component of Sports Insurance, providing financial protection for individuals participating in sports activities. Whether you are a professional athlete or an amateur enthusiast, accidents can happen on the field, court, track or even in the pool.

Personal Accident Cover is available for most sports, whether that be high risk or low risk sports, and can provide peace of mind to those affected by accidental bodily injury while participating in sport.

If you employ staff or have volunteers on your grounds, it is a legal requirement to have Employer’s Liability Insurance. Employer's Liability, can protect your sports organisation against any legal compensation costs, expenses, and damages that may arise from injury or illness sustained during their course of work. The health and safety of your employees should be a top priority as an employer, and it is vital to uphold this responsibility.

By obtaining Employer's Liability Cover as part of your sports insurance, you are demonstrating your commitment to the well-being and safety of your employees. Investing in this comprehensive insurance protection not only sports protect your business but also shows your dedication to responsible and compliant practices in the sports industry.

Director’s and Officer’s Liability provides protection to individuals serving as directors or officers of sports organisations against potential claims. With a specialised insurance plan in place, directors and officers could be protected against legal fees, damages and settlement costs.

Investing in Director's and Officer's Liability cover can provide an extra line of protection so that your personal assets could be protected in the event of a claim.

By obtaining Commercial Legal Expenses Cover as part of your Sports Insurance, you can focus on your passion for sports, knowing that you are protected against unexpected legal costs. Additionally, this cover promotes responsible and compliant practices within the sports industry, demonstrating your commitment to upholding legal obligations.

For example, if your sports organisation or club faces a lawsuit related to a breach of contract, intellectual property rights, or employment disputes, commercial legal expenses insurance can cover the legal costs, which could include hiring a lawyer, and any potential settlements.

It is impossible to completely eradicate all risks involved in sport, that’s why Public and Products Liability Insurance aims to protect you in the event that your sport causes injury or damage to a person or their property. It also covers accidental damage or loss of property as well as injury to a member of the public.

With Property Damage Cover, you can protect yourself from the financial consequences of accidental damage to your property. This specialised insurance aims to provide cover so that you are not held liable for the cost of repairs or replacement. By having Property Damage Cover, you could be protected from the potential financial risks associated with participating in sports activities.

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