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Directors' and Officers' Insurance


Directors’ and Officers’ Insurance protects your position as a director, partner or officer of a company

What is Directors' and Officers' Insurance?

Directors’ and Officers’ Insurance, also known as D&O insurance or Directors’ Liability insurance, has been designed to provide financial support for key people within your business should they face allegations of personal wrongdoing. It offers protection to directors, officers, partners and other company leaders if they are accused of doing something wrong.


Do you need Directors' and Officers' insurance?

If you hold a leadership position within a company, whether your title is partner, director, general manager, officer or something else, you may need Directors’ and Officers’ Insurance. The key thing to take into account is your level of responsibility. If you are tasked with making significant decisions about your business, then this type of cover could become relevant if something went wrong.

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Do you hold a leadership position in your company?

If you do, then there is a real possibility that this type of cover is relevant for you.

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Does your business have shareholders?

Shareholders could launch claims against directors if they think your decisions lacked due diligence

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Is your business growing?

As businesses grow, so does the responsibility of those in charge. So, protection is a must.

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Do small businesses need Directors' and Officers' Insurance?

Small business owners can take the cover too, since complaints that name directors may not be covered by other types of business insurance

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How much Directors' and Officers' Insurance cover do you need?

There are a number of factors that come together to answer this. Firstly, it depends on your business type and your role. Because both have an impact on the types of risks you could face. The size of your company also has an impact. If you have responsibility for a large organisation this could mean potential negligence claims will come with higher values attached to them. Therefore, you will require a higher level of indemnity. We can cover you from £100,000 to £10 million, but of course your policy is tailored to you, so we’ll work with you to create a policy that fits you like a glove.


How does our process work?

Step 1

We meet with you and discuss your responsibilities, as well as finding out more about your business.

Step 2

We take that information and research the market to find you the most appropriate policy for you.

Step 3

We put your policy live and you can be sure you are protected, come what may.

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We’re here to help

We would be delighted to help you or your business with your insurance needs. Whether you need a specific product, or a full review of your current set up, just get in touch and we will come back to you quickly.

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