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Making a difference to our clients

We were approached by a business that manufactures and sells a wide range of cosmetic and beauty products. They were concerned about both the level of cover they had in place and whether they had the full suite of products they needed.

We began, as we always do, with a thorough review of their existing provision and concluded that whilst they had cover, it was not really fit for purpose. It was generic and not specifically targeted to the sector they operate in. So, we took this away and built a bespoke programme that was specifically tailored to their operations, with multiple specialist wordings within their policies. As well as this, we provided a new Professional Indemnity Policy, which they previously did not have.

Even with the new policy limits and wordings, and the new cover, we managed to secure a reduction in premium cost as well. We’d love to help you do the same.

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We would be delighted to help you or your business with your insurance needs. Whether you need a specific product, or a full review of your current set up, just get in touch and we will come back to you quickly.

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