ExtraCover Insurance Risk Management

Allianz, the main insurers for the ExtraCover scheme have provided a number of Risk Management guides on the following;

  • Arson
  • Fire Safety in the kitchen and cooking areas
  • Fixed Electrical Installations
  • Thinking of buying a safe?
  • Thinking about installing an intruder alarm?
  • Vacant Building
  • Excessive Water Damage

If your club is planning on hosting an event, then the liability insurance automatically provides cover for official social functions. We would always ask you to notify us before hosting a large event.

In order that cover is provided for events outdoors there are the following guidelines that must be followed:

  • Outdoor Events guidelines
  • Bonfires And Fire Safety
  • Fireworks Displays Guidelines

You can download these guides here:

ExtraCover Insurance - Bonfires and Fire Safety

ExtraCover Insurance - Fireworks Guidelines

The key issues that we are looking out for to help avoid property damage, EL and PL claims are:

  • That the event is organised by an experienced person, or specialist company (preferably a member of the British Pyrotechnists Association)
  • That spectators and property are separated from the fireworks and bonfire by an appropriate distance
  • That planning has taken into account the possibility of adverse weather conditions (i.e. wind/fog) and the consequences of smoke drift from the bonfire/firework display, particularly if near a major road or motorway (offence under the Highways Act 1980)
  • If there is any storage of fireworks prior to the display arrangements are appropriate for the explosion hazard type, as defined by the Manufacturing and Storage of Explosives Regulations(MSER) – period of storage, and quantity involved.
  • That the organiser has the correct license – an explosives license/registration certificate may be required regarding fireworks storage (requirement of MSER – clients can check with their local authority).

Other sources of information and guidance

  • HSE
    – organising firework displays
    – storage of fireworks in retail premises
    – approved code of practice on the MSER

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