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Since 1973 we have operated sports insurance schemes which have been developed continuously with specialist knowledge and expertise

Our dedicated Sports Team understand the needs and requirements of Cricket Clubs, Associations, Boards and Leagues, we are fully aware of the specific needs & requirement of the Amateur Cricketing family within the UK. The ExtraCover policies have been developed over the last 45 years & we will continue to move with the times.

A Comprehensive Policy for Cricket Clubs

Our dedicated Sports Team understand the needs and requirements of Cricket Clubs, Associations, Boards and Leagues, and as the exclusive brokers for the ExtraCover scheme we can tailor make a policy to suit all your Cricketing needs.

Public, Products and Employers' Liability

Under the core cover of Public and Products Liability, you will be insured if any party brings a claim against you for bodily injury or property damage anywhere within the UK occurring during the period of insurance. It automatically includes Employers' Liability, Member to Member Liability, official social functions and other events hosted for the benefit of the club, legal and other costs in connection with the defence of any valid claim.

Our Public Liability cover goes beyond that required for the ECB guidelines for Club Mark accreditation and is fully compliant with the ECB’s All Stars programme

When looking at insurance cover, you need to insure any items for a value to replace or buildings for a rebuild cost. In today’s tough economic climate, many businesses are not prioritising the valuation and risk assessment aspect of their insurance programme, fearful that it may lead to higher premiums.

However, underinsuring your contents or building can have catastrophic consequences and effect how quickly the club can get back on its feet following a loss.

Recent research has shown that 8 out of 10 properties in the UK are underinsured!

In the property market, there is often confusion between the market value of a property and its rebuild cost. Charges for building materials and labour also change regularly and many businesses forget to include the fees for removing debris and clearing the site before a rebuild even starts. Where a business does not get on top of these issues, then its sums insured are unlikely to be accurate.

Underinsurance is also prevalent in the plant and machinery market. The lead times for bespoke machinery are often longer than expected and when plant is coming from overseas, the impact of currency fluctuation also has to be factored into the equation.

We do our best to work closely with each club to make sure that the clubs are properly assessed, and to ensure that valuations are up to date index linking is applied in line with inflation.

In order for the club to consider what sum to insure for we have created two aide memoires, one for your machinery and plant and the other for your pavilion/clubhouse.

Download here Plant and Machinery Inventory

Download here the Re-build costs for Clubhouse

In the unfortunate event that you need to make a claim on your policy, our claims specialists will take a proactive role in advising and arranging quick settlement of the simplest to the most complicated of claims. You will be provided a dedicated Claims Handler who will assist you throughout the period of the claim, and Marshall Wooldridge can also play a major role in minimising potential losses and enable businesses to resume trading with minimum disruption.

As soon as you become aware of any incident where a claim may arise, please contact the ExtraCover Claims Team immediately on +44 (0)113 250 6614 or Freephone 0800 289301 (between the hours of 9am to 5pm). If it is outside of this time then please email the team on extracover@marswool.com

When contacting us, please provide as much detail of the claim as possible, to include contact details of the key people involved and any documents relevant to the claim.

For any liability claim that has been brought against the club you must notify us as soon as possible. Any correspondence from the Third Party should be passed to the Insurers to respond to, rather than the club.

If the claim involves any criminal damage you must report the policy as soon as you are able and provide the crime reference number. Any photographs of the damage caused would also provide supporting evidence.

Download the following Claim form to proceed with a claim:

Once completed please send to the address in the form or return by email to extracover@marswool.com with the subject “Claim – Your Cricket Club”

You may also purchase cover for the following, but not restricted to:

Directors’ and Officers’ Liability  For claims brought against your directors, partners, trustees, committee members or officers for any breach of duty.
Commercial Legal Expenses Provides 24 hr commercial legal advice, and ensures that the club are in a position to employ a solicitor to enforce their rights or to defend legal action being brought against them.
Property Damage

Insures your buildings, outbuildings, scoreboxes, whatever the construction, machinery and general contents. Subsidence cover is available by request.

Personal Accident

Insures all Club members for accidental bodily injury while cricket matches, practice, coaching sessions, maintenance/preparation of the pitch.

Specified All Risks Insures individual items providing comprehensive cover for Club Bags, Cups & Trophies, Non-Turf Pitches, Netting and Poles, Cricket Square, Sightscreens & Pitch Covers, Fixed Benches & Boundary Ropes, Bowling Machinery and Portable Scoreboards, Portable Electronic Equipment, Marquee's owned by the Club and Marine Cargo Containers.

How to obtain a quotation

In order to obtain a quotation for any of the above insurance products please get in touch in one of the following ways;

  • Complete the following proposal form and email to extracover@marswool.com and we will be in touch within 24 hours of submission.

ExtraCover Insurance Proposal Form - The relevant sections are editable to complete on your computer. Just remember to click save!

  • Call our office on either 0800 289301 or 0113 250 6614 to speak to a member of our Sports team to discuss your insurance requirements.

ExtraCover Insurance Proposal Form

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