Marshall Wooldridge MD Geoff Kirk speaks to Insurance Age regarding insurance for Sports Clubs

As a recognised leader in the sports insurance sector, covering  everything from a small cricket clubs to large venues with facilities for a variety of sports including football, rugby and bowls, Marshall Wooldridge’s expertise has been tapped into by Insurance industry trade publication Insurance Age in a recent article “In-depth - Sport & leisure: Good sport"

Marshall Wooldridge Managing Director Geoff Kirk was extensively quoted:

Flood and Fire:

“You need to understand exactly what sports clubs activities and assets are to know the risks they face.” “For starters, it’s not uncommon for standard property risks such as flood and fire to increase in the sport sector. Although modern stadia are built with fire and flood prevention measures in place, this isn’t always the case with some of the older, more historic venues.”

As an example, Marshall Wooldridge looks after the insurance arrangements of more than 3000 cricket clubs around the UK.

“We see a lot of wooden huts in flood plains close to rivers,” said Geoff. “These would struggle to arrange insurance for flood and fire.”

To address this, Marshall Wooldridge set up a scheme back in 1973 to provide cover to cricket clubs. This scheme includes cover for both of these key risks and, by pooling clubs in an insurance scheme, allows those that may have struggled to get cover independently to secure insurance.

Personal Accident cover:

Personal accident is a common addition on cover for sports clubs. “This provides members with some financial support if as a result of an injury they’re unable to work,” Geoff explained. “This can be promoted as a perk of joining the club.”

Risk management

With budgets tight and many clubs dependent on the goodwill of volunteers, risk management is a real winner in the sports sector.

Marshall Wooldridge offers an online health and safety tool “Health and Safety Click” to help sports clubs understand their responsibilities and put appropriate measures in place. “We also work with a firm that can mark their property with invisible ink. Items such as lawn mowers and tractors are targets for thieves but this can improve the chances of recovery.”

Abuse and Cyber Risk for sports clubs

New risks are emerging too.  

Abuse cover is available to protect coaches and provide them with the peace of mind that their legal costs will be covered if there is an accusation of inappropriate behaviour.

Cyber risk is also making its way into the sports market.

Geoff says that since the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation, there has been much more interest in cyber insurance:

“Many clubs and associations hold a lot of member data on a computer. As this will be subject to GDPR data protection regulations, we can arrange cyber insurance for them as a separate stand-alone policy that attaches to their cover.”

Use a specialist broker

If you are arranging insurance for a sports club, it’s important to deal with a broker which has the right expertise. As Insurance Age pointed out

“Keeping on side with the risks that these organisations are facing, and arranging the cover and risk management support they need, is key to becoming a star  player in this market!”

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