Corporate Clients

Bespoke solutions with added value risk mitigation for each corporate client

We strive to understand our client’s needs through a process of detailed analysis coupled with constructive dialogue which allows Marshall Wooldridge to design solutions  with added value risk mitigation  bespoke programme for each client.

What our corporate clients say about us...

   "The Marshall Wooldridge Group have acted as our brokers for many years and have served us well. They have been able to facilitate deals with Insurers that we believe wouldn’t be available elsewhere. They are always contactable and very easy to communicate with, which makes my job a lot easier. I trust them to look after our interests and see them as a division of McDowell’s rather than our Insurance Broker. Their approach to claims is somewhat refreshing and with their assistance we have been successful in defending several claims where other insurers would be all too willing to pay out a third party."

Roger Mc Dowell

Managing Director – McDowell’s Haulage & Distribution Ltd

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