Chartered Status

Awarded only to those insurance brokers who are committed to developing and maintaining the knowledge and capability of our colleagues so that the service and advice we provide is of the highest quality and standard

Chartered Status, which is granted by the Privy Council, is the industry’s gold standard for insurance brokers, which fewer than 5% of all regulated brokers have achieved*. There is no obligation to become an Chartered Insurance Broker, but we seen the need to have an independent body impose an additional obligations on us to ensure that the advice, service, and ongoing support to you is:

  • Of the highest quality.
  • Based solely on your researched needs.
  • Provided by someone operating within their level of competency.

Many of our colleagues also hold chartered status as individuals. See our team here

We look to meet our obligation in many ways including:

  • Our commitment to the technical and professional development of colleagues, through professional qualifications, for example.
  • Ensuring all colleagues who deal with clients belong to the industry’s professional body, the CII, and adhere to the CII’s CII Code of Ethics, which is enforced through disciplinary sanctions.
  • Adhering to the CII’s continuing professional development requirements, ensuring our colleagues keep their knowledge and skill-set up to date.

A chartered title is a commitment to an overall standard of customer excellence and professionalism.


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